I make things and try to have fun before I become an adult


"Finish ya breakfast!" - Jay Z

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Video Game inspirations


  1. Video Games
  2. Work on my own game
  3. Listen to music
  4. Make music (somewhat)
  5. Vibe

Top 3 Favorite Bands

  1. Death Grips
  2. Machine Girl
  3. Shinjuku Mad


Alias Origin

On April 19, 2013, I created a Youtube account. A Youtube account that's name changed a lot over time. From just being my first and middle name, to the last one I can remember being bUck bUmble, this account went through A LOT of aliases. It wouldn't be until May 18, 2016, that I would come up with the alias known as "Janxferz." At the time, my cousin and I wanted to make a Youtube channel where we would post Youtube Poop videos. We wanted to come up with a good name for the channel, and personally, while this will sound weird, I wanted a username that not only sounded cool, but looked cool. At some point, I thought of the name, "Jinx" and wanted to make a sort of spinoff to that name, since it seemed like such a common username. I ended up thinking of the username, "Janxferz47" which my cousin and I both liked. However, it wouldn't be until months later, that I would decide to take the 47 out of the username, leaving it at just, "Janxferz." And with all that being said, that's how the username, "Janxferz" pronounced, "Jane-ks-ferz" came to be.


Making Stuff

When it comes to making stuff, whether it's music, a video game, or even a website, I'm kind of just all over the place. The reason I say that is because when it comes to something like a youtube video or music, I just finish it all in one day and do it really fast. I don't really take time with things like those and just, "Oh this sounds good," and then proceed to post it wherever. However, if it's something like gamedev, I only work on it when I want to in order to maintain quality. Overall though, when it comes to making things, the hardest part of making something, at least for me, is starting the creation. For some reason, most of the time, I will get an idea, and then proceed to try that idea, only to realize that I've only got an extremely small portion of the idea, and don't know where to go from there. I usually will have to sleep on it for a few days, possibly even longer than just days, until something crosses my mind, and I try it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but if it ended up not working out, All I do is say to myself, "I'm doing this for fun, not to be the best" and just move on.

Who made this website?

Me. As of writing this, which is 3/8/2021, I am taking some online courses for learning web development languages, so HTML, CSS, Javascript, and so on. This site was originally for practice, but I ended up putting a lot more effort into it, and ended up getting a domain and such and published the site.